Off-Site Services is an award-winning React and Angular web development and consulting team providing on demand and strategic services to our partners

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Our award-winning New York web development and consulting team works with partner agencies and direct clients since 2003, and building award winning websites is what we do.

We work in Drupal and WordPress open source frameworks and further extend it with custom PHP programming. We focused extensively on cross browser, cross-platform, pixel-match responsive front end development, using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, React and Angular.


Our team consists of project managers with decades (plural) of combined experience managing and consulting on high profile web projects; senior-level developers capable of any 3rd party integration via API, JSON or XML; top front end specialists using continuously updated tools and code libraries to deliver exceptional results; and quality control team using industry standard automated, visual and case-based testing, guaranteeing high fidelity match to approved creative and technical specifications across browsers and platforms.

Our design-conscious developers brings to life the amazing creative work created by our partner agencies and take websites to new level in terms of speed, performance and reliability. With a transparent and efficient workflow, fast turnaround, competitive rates, and excellent customer service, we strive to be the premier web development resource for our partners.


The website development work we do really start from our involvement in the discovery phase, where we advise our clients and partner agencies on most effective technical solutions for their projects. While we can certainly work off a spec, our real value add comes from years of expertise that we bring to projects even at the RFP stage, providing guides on web technology possibilities and limitations and balancing those against budgets and schedules. Although we are headquartered in New York, the nature of our work allows us to provide services worldwide with discovery and consulting done either in person or via conferencing. The programming itself is done exclusively from our production office and deployed to clientʼs infrastructure remotely per standard industry practices and procedures.

The goal of any discovery stage is to produce a solid scope of work document that identifies all major deliverables. The next step in the process is project specification that usually involves creative direction, page wireframes, UI/UX explorations, SEO strategy, and ADA website accessibility requirements or ADA remediation. Our involvement is again that of advising all parties involved on the possibilities and challenges of specific functionality on overall website development and long term maintenance and performance. As the explorations progress, we begin putting together a comprehensive technical specifications document that reflects both front end and CMS functionality for each template, site structure based on defined templates, and any server functionality that is implemented on the site. This document, besides being the master guide for all programming work, is also used as a basis of quality control process and site manual. Technical specifications is an organic document, updated to reflect specific functionality changes during every round of site revisions both before and after launch, with corresponding changes being made in CMS manual.


As the creative takes shape and project spec becomes more defined, the actual website development begins. Work starts in multiple parallel streams, with server side group creating containers, repositories and automated tasks for the project, while front end developers are building global CSS styles and exploring JavaScript animations, and framework specialists are deploying an instance of core build (using WordPress or Drupal as an example). Quality control team sets up test cases using commercial and our own proprietary software that can later be used by developers themselves to validate work in progress. As project moves forward, completed builds are passed from one team to another, integrated into master project repository and reviewed during scheduled checkpoints both internally and with our partners.


Completion of core website development phase leads to comprehensive quality control process, which validates the site against technical specifications document and approved creative. Once we are satisfied with our own work we share the completed site with project stakeholders and work with them on implementing any site changes deemed necessary prior to launch. Having completed all modifications we validate launch protocol by taking fully completed website from development to stage environment and then go live.

For a more detailed review of our process, please visit our Website Development page. In addition, a sampling of our projects over the years is available in our Work section.