Reliable website security, maintenance and support for Drupal, WordPress, Expression, and other open-source frameworks

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Our team is available for website support on existing web sites, whether we built or inherited them. Our basic support on WordPress and Drupal websites covers active monitoring of available core, themes, and module updates, with particular focus to security settings. We perform all updates in development environment, resolve any updates-related conflicts and after rigorous quality control transfer or make those same changes on live sites. All updates can be rolled back to previously created backups and we maintain detailed documentation on specific features of each site.

All websites we support are under constant monitoring by multiple commercial uptime services, reducing the occurrence of false positive notifications and allowing us to quickly troubleshoot any outage or performance issues.

In addition to maintaining 99-100% uptime for websites we support by timely WordPress and Drupal updates, we also offer proactive vulnerability and compliance reporting, such as penetration testing, SEO, and ADA (website accessibility) audits and ADA / WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 remediation. Penetration testing and SEO / ADA reports identify any issues related to websitesʼ code or hosting configuration and provide actionable recommendations for addressing those points. Any false positives generated in the reports are explicitly identified as such and excluded from future validation.