Off-Site Services is an award-winning web development and consulting firm providing on demand and strategic services to our partners

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As a white-label team working on larger jobs, we get involved in a project long before any web development begins. We work alongside our partner agencies during RFP and exploration stages by offering the technical expertise required, not just to win an account but also to make the entire project run as smooth as possible. Asking the right questions and providing full operational transparency from the start sets the right foundation for the entire duration of creative, programming and deployment phases.

We evaluate project business requirements such as target audience, geographic reach, SEO and ADA website accessibility benchmarks, hosting infrastructure, and coding technologies and help you with strategic decisions in the planning stage. Building on decades of combined technical expertise and 15+ years of historical production data, we develop comprehensive itemized estimates and timelines that define each aspect of your project (even the ones which are handled by other teams), including creative, development, ADA, SEO, integrations with 3rd party services via API, anticipated modifications and review cycles. As project planning moves along and business requirements, budgets, and timelines get redefined or modified, so do our estimates and associated schedules, always reflecting the latest project needs.

We use industry standard planning tools with full internal transparency within multi-agency team and sharing capabilities for clients. All project planning documentation is available 24/7 and gets continuously updated with results of internal research we perform on specific features of your project, such as compatibility between different technologies or between specific technologies and hosting requirements.

Planning phase necessitates in person meetings and phone / video conference calls, and we are always available either as white-labeled members of your team or as a stand alone group with its own history and expertise. We help move project along, through resolving questions and providing answers, getting it ready for build.