Our web technologies and platforms

Our current web development technologies and platforms



PHP is the dominant open source programming language on the web and has been the mainstay of our development for the last 10 years


WordPress is a popular PHP-based framework used to create small template-driven sites.  For larger and complex projects we recommend Drupal.


Drupal 7 is currently our core development framework.  We are an active member of Drupal.org development community and are constantly working to improve our sites' performance through innovative use of available and custom functionality.


We use Joomla primarily on legacy projects already developed using this framework to extend sites' functionality and address any issues related to changes in browsers and infrastructure



Xcart is our preferred software package for smaller ecommerce sites that require turnkey efficiency and can accomodate template-based layout and functionality


LightSpeed ecommerce solution is best suited for companies already running POS LightSpeed infrastructure, as the real benefit comes from seamless integration between online and back office stores


We are a certified Authorize.net developers and have used different integrations with their payment processing system for the last 10 years

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a popular platform which we offer as one of many ecommerce solutions


PayPal is one of the older payment processing systems and we have worked with it from the very beginning, both in simple integrations and in creating complex API-based ecommerce systems.


Amazon provides an excellent payment processing platform which we have used on a number of API-based ecommerce projects



We are a certified iOS development team and build apps both natively and using a combination HTML5/native approach


HTML5 app development

HTML5 can be used both in web and app development.  We have built apps of different complexity using HTML5 and related technologies.

Native app development

Besides building apps in HTML5, we build mobile apps using iOS and Android native development platforms