Off-Site Services is an award-winning web development and consulting firm providing on demand and strategic services to our partners

plan stage

01 Plan

Every project needs to start somewhere, right? What better place than with research, analysis and carefully thought out information architecture.

Next, we take your vision and begin to form the basis for site structure and layout.

In the planning phase we identify project requirements, technology limitations and generally align everyone's expectations for the final build.  We write a technical specifications document, create detailed project schedule with key deliverable dates, consult with our creative partners and do everything else that goes into laying the foundation for a successful project.

build stage

02 Build

The programming phase is split into front end and CMS development. Front end coding involves turning art assets into fully styled and animated HTML / CSS / JavaScript pages.  Back end development focuses on deploying framework-based or custom Content Management System, branded and configured to site specifications.

Once completed, styled front end is integrated with CMS functionality and becomes a fully operational prototype site, ready for review.

The Content Management System or CMS is the administrative area that the client will utilize for content updates and edits.

At each step in the development process all project members are given access to the review links on our development server, and can post comments on the project's progress.

manage stage

03 Manage

After the project is reviewed and approved in development environment, we can proceed with placing the site on stage or live server.  We always maintain a copy of the site on development server as a place for our clients to practice using CMS, test structural changes to the site, or collaborate with us on major updates that go beyond simple content edits.

As the build phase concludes and transitions into site management and hosting, we setup a variety of services that will monitor the server's resources, prevent malicious attacks and automate server backups to a remote location.  We also proactively maintain the site to implement necessary updates on both server and framework CMS.