About Us

Off-Site Services is an award-winning web development, consulting and compliance firm providing on demand services and long term strategic partnerships

We are an award-winning web development and consulting firm in New York City, collaborating with partner agencies and direct clients. We specialize in guiding projects from discovery phase through UI/UX consulting and information architecture, all the way through website development and post-launch ongoing maintenance and support. Our main focus in the last few years has been open source web development in WordPress and Drupal content management systems and custom PHP content projects, with responsive design front end work targeting continually expanding mobile market.

We are a white-label shop and can work both as part of a larger multi-agency team and as a standalone group. When working under agency umbrella we can lead technical conversations with client and seamlessly integrate with other internal groups doing creative, content, and SEO. When positioned as a standalone firm, we can reference 15 plus years of web development projects of impressive variety, complexity and geographic reach, both to win new business and handle challenges of the project at hand.

We start working on the project from the earliest planning stage, evaluating and advising on requirements such as ADA (American with Disabilities Act) WCAG 2.1 / Section 508 standards, technologies to use and hosting infrastructure. As project moves through planning stage, we help guide creative process by evaluating client-facing presentations and proposals against technical requirements, budgets and timelines.

When it comes time to build the site, we put on our design-conscious developerʼs hat and guarantee pixel-perfect cross-browser consistency in all major browsers, meeting and surpassing specific ADA (website accessibility), page speed and security requirements. We validate our work using commercial testing services, with documented performance benchmarks and supporting documentation.

At the completion of web site build cycle we either turn over the project with comprehensive supporting documentation and manuals to clientʼs IT team or engage in ongoing support capacity, with extent of support configured to individual clients based on standard packages we developed over the years.

Our Team

Meet our project managers and consultants

max_tokman info


Technical Director

Max Tokman is a founder and Technical Director of Off-Site Services, Inc. He currently oversees all high-profile projects for the group and provides technical consulting within strategic partnerships framework, including UI, UX, and best practices.

Prior to founding OSS in 2003, Max spent over 10 years as a front end developer and project manager.  

tanya_matskevich info


Project Manager

Starting with OSS in 2003 as a front end developer, Tanya is currently Senior Developer / Project Manager, focusing on all aspects of Drupal CMS and Wordpress projects, including project planning, technical specifications, scheduling and research.

She is our foremost authority on cross-platform, cross-browser coding and responsive CSS.

Tanya oversees front end group and is responsible for all front end web programming and quality control.

roman_blanyar info


Project Manager

Roman is a Senior PHP developer and PHP team lead, responsible for database design and information architecture.

The PHP group he oversees develops highly creative custom programming solutions for content management systems, server-side software, and 3rd party integrations with APIs.