2018 website build for Werlatone

Rebuild of www.werlatone.com on WordPress platform to optimize content management for thousands of products across multiple categories.

We used WooCommerce for managing thousands of products across multiple categories and filter plugin for slider filters.  However, both plugins required considerable degree of customization.  Slider plugins are modified to include both low and high limits on a single plugin, whereas default plugin functionality does not have that feature.  With WooCommerce, we ran into an issue of presenting all content at once, which was causing considerable delay as product data is pulled from multiple data tables and optimizing SQL query is not an option when using WooCommerce or similar .  An alternative approach would be to use pagination, but that did not meet specific business requirements for this project.  Our solution for optimizing initial load for product pages was to generate product data for the initial page load on the server and load that server-generated page without additional calls to the database.

Other features of this site include dynamically generated datasheets PDF and authorized user area, where users approved by admin get access to additional features of the website.